23 November, 2009

Winter - where art thou?

Not that I'm complaining. It's almost the first of December (ok panic mode) and it feels like early October, but this just isn't normal.

We are ready for winter. The snowtires are on the car, shovel is waiting in the garage, bought new snow boots for everybody, but today it's bright, sunny and warm.

Usually by mid-November we are rushing to put the Christmas lights up so our fingers won't be frozen by waiting until December. This year, not so much. It doesn't even feel like Christmas is only 5 weeks away. Put the Christmas lights up, are you kidding, tonight the only thing that we are lighting up is the bbq.

Walked to Starbucks today and saw that my neighbor's rosemary plant is doing very well in her garden. Another neighbour has some hanging flowers that are blooming. We were chopping down the plants in our garden this weekend and I found that my rosebush actually has buds on it and it's too warm to wrap it up yet.

So weird. Not that I'm complaining.

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