26 December, 2009

a christmas card

i know, i know
this post is really late coming

and thanks to all of you who phoned or emailed to let me know

how incredibly out of date my blog is and
what is my news

it has been a very nice christmas
filled with lots of good friends, good food, good wine

our bellies are full and we are spending the day

playing video games, watching movies, napping

thinking about buying some milk

but not sure we want to go out in the freezing rain

at least we are not the cable guy from videotron
up the ladder outside our window fixing our wires

we are well now shel and I have had a lot of colds since the autumn shel has learned how to skate and has been taking guitar lessons he received a new guitar for christmas with fancy black picks and just before christmas earned his blue belt in karate through nothing but sheer hard work martin also earned his brown belt in karate

i haven't been taking as many photos as I would like i think that's why i've not been posting so often this holiday will be good for me i'm going to nap and take time for myself and go see some movies and take some pictures

we're looking forward 2010 hoping you are all well and looking forward to hearing from you soon

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