10 April, 2008

Keeping my head above water

This is how I feel right about now. Trying to keep my head above water. It's been a strange few days. None of which I want to go through again.

It started with the wee man coming down with the flu and a high fever last week. Then yesterday the husband awoke with what he thought was a horrible case of heartburn. This time is seemed a little different though, the pain was closer to his heart, and the pain was different, so I stayed at home with him "just in case."

By late afternoon nothing had changed. I had been trying to get him to go to emergency all afternoon, but he told me I was totally over-reacting. Then about 5:00 he's getting ready to go and take his karate exam (even though he can barely move) and I thought I'd try again, "I think we should go to emergency, I can get Marci to stay with the wee man." This time instead of brushing me off, the husband looked at me, and I knew that this was more serious.

We went to emergency at the Montreal General. When I told the triage nurse that my husband was suffering from chest pains we were whisked right into ICU. I can't say enough good things about the emergency staff at The General. They were efficient, professional, kind, informative, and didn't speak to us like we were a pain in the ass.

After 3 sets of blood tests, being on the heart monitor, 2 ultrasounds, and a chest x-ray. It was determined that the husband did not have heartburn, nor did he have a heart attack, but has a virus in the envelope surrounding his heart. Liquid is being created and this liquid is putting pressure on the heart, hence the pain in the chest.

The husband is now at home, resting, loving that he's getting waited on hand and foot (for the next 10 days none the less), still weak, but on the road to recovery. We still have to visit the cardiologist next week with loads of questions. Many, many thanks to my friend Marci for coming in and taking over and keeping the wee man occupied and well cared for. And for staying with me while I was waiting for news from the ICU. Friends and neighbours like you are worth their weight in gold.

Now I need to go and collapse.

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