13 April, 2008

On the road to recovery

This is one of the husband's favorite bonsai. He loves bonsai, but he's a little afraid of them. Maybe it's more that he's respectful. He always wants to make sure that he gets opinions from bonsai know it alls masters before he makes any cut. He's cautious this way.

Maybe I should be more like this. And not rush head first into things without looking. But that's the way I am. Although this week I've been the one who is being more cautious. But he's listening to me Or maybe it's humoring me while he recovers from his heart virus.

He's coming along well, getting lots of rest. He's finally starting to sleep through the night and he's not in constant pain. He still looks pale and a little drawn, but overall much better. Before long he'll be back at at it. .

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