25 March, 2008

That's me

Yup that's me. We had a rough morning this morning.

Six year olds are very slow. They eat slow, they dress slow, they move slow. Why can't they move a little faster in the morning, especially when mommy is running late and has to get to a meeting on time? When I make my job sound more important than it is. When I make it sound like my job is more important that he is.

Anyway, I did not deal well with slow this morning. And when he got upset about not having time to do something, I said something I shouldn't have (ok in the grand scheme of things is wasn't so bad, but we have rules in our house that we don't say certain things to the people we love, even if they are acceptable elsewhere).

Wow. I can't believe I broke a promise. I can't believe how angry and hurt he was. And how justified he was at his feelings.


We both took a step back. Lots of tears. I'm so sorry wee man.


Anonymous said...

Sucks to know you are 'just being a Mom' doesnt it? I am sure that you did all the necessary talk before you got to the "blow up" - do not take all the flack - he is only 6, but he was there too. Kids need to know that we Moms need to be respected as well. That we need their help to make our lives work, so that their life can work. As a family, we are all in this together and Moms needs are sometimes a priority.

HipKid said...

This is so true. Sometimes as moms we forget we are actually the boss.