24 March, 2008

I'm reading it too

In all fairness to myself I did buy this book a long time ago before I heard all the hype, but just never got around to reading it. I picked it up at Costco one day because the price was right, and I was curious. I guess I felt that we were around the same age and, if the truth be told, I've not been feeling myself for the last little while. I guess I wanted to see what someone actually did about the crap in her life.

Then while I was at karate with the wee man, lots of the moms were talking about their favorite sections in the book. My curiosity was peaked, then I finished the last 2 books I was reading (The Bridge of Sighs (amazing), and The Garneau Block (which I surprised myself by liking) and needed something to read. I picked it and, and even though I have just started it, I like it. I'm trying to block out that the karate moms said that they really only like the Italy section (which is the first section), so I hope I like the rest of the book. I am one of these people who has to finish the book no matter how bad it is. There have been 2 exceptions in my life that I just couldn't get through.

So here I am looking for some enlightment, or failing that, just a good read. If anyone has read this book and would like to share what they thought of it, I would love to hear.

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