29 March, 2008

End of an era

This weekend the pool closes at the YWCA. This follows the fitness center closing a while ago. They just weren't making enough money to stay open unfortunately. This is sad for us. I used to work out at the fitness centre eons ago before I had the wee man. I loved it there. Made lots of friends there that I will remember fondly.

They kept the pool open, renovated it for family swims, swimming lessons and as the hotel pool (the hotel at the Y remains open).

When the wee man was about 2 he was taking swimming lessons at another pool. There was a little mishap (nothing serious) but it frightened him and he didn't return to swimming lessons for a while. I knew that I had to get him back in the water, but he was now nervous and needed more individual attention. I phoned my friend who was the director of the swimming program at the Women's Y and explained to her the situation. She said she had just the instructor.

Sure enough, Sylvia helped the wee man overcome his fear of the water and made him into the little fish that he is. He's an excellent swimmer and has no fear of the water. He's even starting to do a mean front crawl.

So the closing of the pool makes me sad. Now we have to look for a new pool and a new instructor. I am confident we can find something to suit us, we will just miss the calmness of the Women's Y. I enjoyed his weekly lessons.

Time to move on.

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