16 March, 2008

Japanese Themed Weekend

I think that if our weekend had a theme it would be "all things Japanese". And not intentionally, it just happened that way.

I think it started off with the wee man having a craving this week for sushi. He's addicted to it and we had sushi twice more this weekend.

Then Saturday morning Martin came home, after being out buying catfood, with these Japanese treats from a store on Victoria Ave. The candies are sooo good, but the fruit wrapped biscuits are addictive. We had strawberry this week which put us over the moon, but this weekend we found them in mango and I think I like mango better. Not that I got to eat more than one. Next up is the green tea flavor.

There was also a big karate competition this weekend and Friday night Martin went to a special class offered by a sensei from Japan. This was followed by attending the karate competition most of Saturday.

This weekend I also received these gorgeous ribbons from etsy seller, Matatabi, from Japan. They are so beautiful and delicate. I am planning on sewing them into some bags that I will be putting in my etsy store before too long. Although, something weird. It took 2 days for the package to arrive from Japan. Two days. Two days. When I order a package from the US it usually takes 3 weeks. What gives?

Then it was followed by more sushi today. I love these little chopsticks that belong to the wee man. They are not terribly easy to use, but they are really cute. But he prefers to use regular chopsicks.

I've kind of enjoyed our theme weekend.

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