09 March, 2008

After the storm

I promise this is the last blog about the storm. It was massive. I couldn't stop watching. Last night I was still in the window watching the wind blowing the snow around at 1:00 am. At one point I even contemplated going outside just to see if I could stand up to the wind.

Around 1:30 a tractor came to plow out our neighbors.

This morning we all got up a little later and decided to skip the wee man's karate class so we could have a nice breakfast and go out to shovel. The husband whipped up omlettes and sausages. While we were enjoying our breakfast, our fabulous neighbor, Joe, came over with his snowblower and shovelled us out.

Thank you Joe, it's neighbors like you that make it a neighborhood. We went out after breakfast to shovel the walkway and to shovel out our neighbor, Jennifer, who is supposed to return from a cruise today or tomorrow.

The sun is out now and the weather is beautiful, but I think the city is going to be a standstill for a good week.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are getting enjoyment out of the snow. I would miss it if hadn't just came back from a conference in Vancouver to find crocuses and snow drops popping out of the leaf cover that I dare not remove because I, too, know the possibilities of tempting winter's fate. M.

HipKid said...

I think I'm more in awe of it than anything. At this point I would love to see crocuses and snow drops.