17 February, 2008

Mothers and Sons

Sonogram of the wee man. Can you see his little face?

When I was pregnant with the wee man, I knew I was having a son. There was no other option, a daughter was not in my cards. When the husband and I went for the amnio and the technician asked what we thought it was, I didn't even have to hesitate before answering, didn't matter what was on the screen, it was a son. And sure enough it was.

The relationship between my son and I has always been special. We have this mantra, there is no privacy, we're family. The reason I bring this up is because I read an article this weekend on nudity in families and do you let your children see you naked. I found it fascinating that statistics showed that when we were children lots of parents didn't encourage nudity, but even still those of us who have grown up with this are comfortable with it. I know in our house it's been 7 years since I've gone to the bathroom alone.

But I have to remember that not everyone is comfortable with this. Because the wee man is not old enough for me to allow him to go into a changing room alone yet (I guess that age will be when he turns 35, I'm kidding), if there isn't a family changing room (which creeps me out), I take him in the women's changing room after swimming. I'm starting to see looks like I shouldn'd be doing this, but for heaven's sake he's 6. He might be a little curious, but really he's harmless. I'm curious as to what other mothers of wee men do.


The Downtown Boutique said...

Oh my goodness! I STILL have issues with allowing my 14 year old son to go into a men's bathroom, if it's just he and I out shopping somewhere. I stand right outside the door and tell him I'm counting to ten, and if he's not out, I'm coming in!

You really never know these days, and I think it's better to be over-cautious sometimes, despite looks or comments you might get. Especially since he's only 6!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Nudity and sexuality are two different issues.
I, too bring my wee man of 7 with me particularly because he doesn't feel comfortable in the men's change room alone, either !
Europe's largest change rooms are the family rooms, not the individual ones. It's time we all spoke up "in the modern world". Thanks for taking the time to allow us to do it!

HipKid said...

I'm finding that being the mom of a wee man is special. We hear so much about protecting out girls, but our boys need just as much protection and in some ways I think more. And they are so innocent is it heartbreaking.

Blogging Molly said...

Amen to not having gone to the bathroom (or bathed for that matter) with any privacy for the last seven plus years. When I was pregnant with my first, I had a very vivid dream it was a girl, and alas it was. I love ultrasound pictures :)

HipKid said...

It's funny how we just know isn't it? I would be better equipped to have a daughter now I think.