24 February, 2008

life in an old house

We live in an old house. It was built in 1931. We have bricks on the outside of our house that are stamped Cookville 1929. With the exception of the brand new condo we lived in for 4 years and various apartments when I just finished university, I've always lived in an old house.

When we decided to sell the brand new condo (with central air-conditioning, indoor heated parking, and straight, gleaming hardwood floors) and buy a house, I told the husband that we were buying an old house. I wanted character. I still love old houses, but now that I'm paying the heating bills (as opposed to my parents) I'm telling you that character is overrated.

I do love my old house, but old houses are special. So I've created this list for those of us who love old houses. You know you live in an old house when...

  1. You can tell how cold out it is by how hard the butter is in the butter dish.
  2. You can tell from your heating bill that in 1931 old bunched up newspapers were considered to be sufficient insulation.
  3. Your leaded windows are absolutely beautiful, but don't stand too close to them unless you're wearing a winter coat.
  4. Yes, you can get by on 160 amps of power.
  5. There are light switches throughout the house that don't seem to turn on any lights.
  6. You can't turn on the dishwasher, microwave and the vacuum at same time without blowing a fuse.
  7. Conversations with friends, who also live in old houses, always end up about french drains and foundation problems.
  8. If you get through the winter with under 10 new cracks in the walls or ceilings you're lucky.
  9. At night the heavy footsteps in the hall is just the cat.
  10. Winter wear is made up of many, many layers.


Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

You have a lovely house. I live in an old house too! Our was built in 1915 - this year my husband is going to put in French Drains and there's a crack in our foundation that makes me nervous.

HipKid said...

They're work, but they're worth it!