26 February, 2008

More snow

We're getting more snow. I actually love snow, but hate winter, is this possible?

Normally by February I am so ready to pack it in for summer. But this year, this sounds odd, even though I'm sick of winter, I'm not sick of snow. I actually want more. I guess I haven't filled my snow activity quota this year. We've only been sledding once. Haven't been skating at all. The school hasn't gone skiing yet. I guess I'm just waiting for these activities before winter can officially be over.

In the mean time I'm hibernating. While the boys are spending all their free time at the dojo doing karate, I'm nesting. Baking cookies, planning spring paint jobs, although certainly not cleaning. I've found the most amazing cookie recipe. It's not a recipe with vegetable puree, but it's pretty damn tasty. Lots of rolled oats, brown sugar, applesauce, very little butter. So maybe it's not so bad afterall. And if you add raisins instead of chocolate chips, it is only 57 calories per cookie. Tonight I added raisins to the batch, and maple-butterscotch chips. Very yummy. The boys eat the batch within a day of them coming out of the oven. Quite flattering. You'd think I actually made up the recipe.

My friend, Mathieu, has finally opened an etsy shop. He's making these absolutely amazing notebooks. He does all the stitching himself (such a Renaissance man). They are beautiful and I know will sell well. You can check out his shop. Please do.

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