06 February, 2008

The green life

Well I wanted to give you regular updates on my new green life, but if the truth be told, I haven't really made any progress since the last time I blogged about it. Thankfully, I haven't lost momentum, but, unfortunately, I haven't gained any either.

We are still incorporating dark green veggies into our everyday diet. We have a lot less fires in our fireplace this winter. I am still buying organic cleaning products. I am looking for a distributor for organic children's t-shirts (I have found one, but if anyone can recommend an organic t-shirt wholesaler, please let me know). Shel and Martin are eating lots of raw veggies, but I need to work on this.

But no more progress. I'm still looking for good quality organic cosmetics. The next step is to buy organic meat. This may be a problem as we have been going to the same excellent butcher for years and the husband doesn't like change. But the hormones in meat have really frightened me.

Many years ago when I decided to go to the gym, I found what worked for me what having an exercise group. If I didn't want to go I would always think, what will they say if I don't, and it helped. It made me go to the gym. Maybe I need an organic peer group so it will force me to make changes more often.

One person who does inspire me is Kris Carr from Crazy Sexy Cancer. I find her to be an incredible inspiration to live well and to make the most of every day. If you don't know of Kris, check out her Web site and how she didn't give up. She is truly a hero.

I took this from her Web site today and they are words to live by:

  1. Get Real
  2. Eat smart
  3. Live like you mean it
  4. Dig deep and tap into the sweet spot where your spirit cuddles
  5. Speak up and get active
  6. Plan for a long future BUT live in the moment

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