10 February, 2008

I tried I really did

Janick from NeaJewelry invited to join her photo a day for a month group.

I tried to take a picture every day, I really did, but I lasted 3 days. I found that after working all day and coming home and by the time I could actually take a picture, I was either too tired or just unspired. I would rather not take a picture than take an uninspired picture. So I did what I could. I do have to make more photography time, afterall I love it, but right now is not the best time.

We are in the midst of a very busy month. I've been going through big changes at work, S has a big science project due for the science fair this week, and he just took his karate yellow belt exam on Friday. From the above photo can you tell how successful he was?

Now he goes to karate 4 times per week and he also goes to watch the husband in his karate class to see what else he can pick up. If anyone in the Montreal area is thinking of enrolling their child (or themselves)in karate, run don't walk to see Stacy at Shotokan Karate Cote St. Luc. Stacy is the most amazing teacher you could ever have. He has the patience of a saint, yet he expects results.

I'm in the process of updating the shop again. Drop by and see what's new.

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