05 February, 2008

Fat Tuesday

When I was growing up in rural Nova Scotia this was always Pancake Tuesday. Every year my mother, father, sister and I would get in the car and drive to the Half Way Cove Church Hall and have a pancake dinner. For some reason I always remember prizes too. Not sure why. Maybe my sister can clarify this memory for me. I can remember looking foward to Pancake Tuesday every year.

It was a big church hall where communal tables were set up where we ate and ate and socialized. A good time was had by all. Religion didn't matter. Jewish, Catholic, Anglican, it was just Pancake Tuesday.

I had meant to come home and make pancakes tonight (using Mona's recipe), but that just didn't happen. So we will celebrate Pancake Tuesday on Sunday instead. Tony, if you are reading this, you are welcome to drive down from Toronto to join us! :)

BTW someone, who shall remain unnamed, is taking his yellow belt karate exam on Friday. I think that he's a little nervous. I'll keep you updated.

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