09 December, 2007

What would it be like?

If your life was exactly the way you wanted it, what would it be like?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately for a lot of reasons. Do any of us have the life we want? Or rather the ideal life?

I am quite happy with my spot in life, but if I could have the "perfect" life, it would be something like sam davol's, a cellist for the Magnetic Fields. I found the link to this article about him and his new life on red house. I am fascinated and spellbound. Not to mention totally in love with his home.

But I'm not complaining. We all have good health and I have the perfect family.

Maybe I would have had another child. But the one I have is the absolute one I want. He makes me laugh, he makes my heart beat faster, I look at him and see every possibility in the world. The husband isn't too bad either. I can't imagine having a more supportive partner.

I love our house, although I would move about a street or two closer to Monkland Village and have a bigger backyard (maybe with a pool).

So what would I change?

Not a whole lot I would change, but I think, like Sam Davol, I would like to have more control. I would like to have more flexibility where I can be there more for my family, yet still be fulfilled with my life. I tried staying at home once for about 9 months and thought I would go crazy. So that is not the answer, but I need to be more available for things that come up. This is something that I have to work out sometime soon. I think I need to work this out soon.

I also think that if I was going to do it all over again, instead of doing multiple degrees I would do something useful like be a photographer. I am finding this now and I sure wish I had of found it earlier. But in my family it wasn't acceptable to not go to unversity. This is what you did. It wasn't questioned. And I don't reget my years at school, just wish I had of studied somthing useful. The beauty of it is that I still don't think that it is too late.

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