03 December, 2007

Snow day!

This is the view that greeted me out of my front window at 5:30 this morning. Loads of snow down and more on the way.

And this photo is what happens when you move your camera.

It's no surprise that all the school boards closed the schools. Snow days are such fun. The husband when out to shovel early, but came back in and had a cappucino before heading out around 9:30 for work. It took him about 45 minutes to get there when it normally takes about 20, so that's not so bad. Coming on to the island the traffic is much worse.

So what to do on a snow day. Well to start with we phoned Ella nice and early. Then every 30 seconds after hanging up the phone I was asked "When is Ella going to get here?" the 20 minutes it took her to get here was too long! We waited patiently in the window.

Now they are outside enjoying the snow. I think they will be good and tired by this afternoon. And I can get some work done.

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