15 December, 2007

Battening down the hatches

We're preparing for another big one. The local news is calling for at least 40+ cm of snow tomorrow. At least the storm is falling on the weekend. Although, I did have plans on finishing up my Christmas shopping tomorrow so I can mail it. I guess it will have to wait a bit and be sent priority post. We spent the evening playing chutes and ladders in front of the fire (when I was little it was called snakes and ladders, when did it not become cool to be snakes and ladders?), eating chocolate, and drinking wine (well maybe just Martin and me). A perfect evening.

We did get quite a bit done today though. We managed to buy our Christmas tree. We didn't go to our regular tree seller this year, we opted to buy one closer to home. It is up and we are now letting the branches fall. My first reaction is we should have gone to our regular seller. It seems so small compared to our previous tree. It does have a nice shape though. Maybe it is our own Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Just looking at it again. No matter how you look at it, it is so much smaller than previous years. I guess it will grow on me. We will put the lights on it tomorrow. Usually once the little white lights are on the tree, I could be finished. That's all I need for a tree to be beautiful. But I have so many beautiful ornaments that I've collected over the years I guess they will go on. I will post pictures tomorrow along with a custom t-shirt I silkscreened today for a lovely customer in Saskatoon. You know I think that I can get it to her before Christmas.

I also wrapped and delivered some presents today. Well, delivered one present to the swimming teacher. My little monkey passed his Red Cross level 4s today at swimming.

He was also told by his karate teacher to prepare for his yellow belt exam in February. The next exam is being held in April, but there are a couple of kids who will be ready by February so they are holding exams for these kids early. I'm so proud of my little monkey. He loves karate and his teacher Stacey is amazing (West End Gym in Cote St. Luc). Not to mention that my big monkey (the husband) bought a new karate suit today and is going to start karate too. He was a brown belt many years ago and let it slip when he joined the Navy. He said that he always wished he had of been able to get his black belt. So today he talked to Stacey and is now in the adult karate class. I'm also thinking about joining the karate club as well. Won't the 3 of us be cute leaving for karate classes in our matching suits.

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