14 November, 2007

Faith in Human Nature

I basically believe that most people are good - most of the time. And it really doesn't take much effort to do the right thing, so when I get ripped off by someone who is taking advantage of me I get pissed off.

This has been a crazy week. Martin is in Boston for the week so I've been doing the drop off at school and the afternoon pick up, taking Shel to swimming and karate, doing the homework, you know all the usual stuff, but not having the car around to make it easier. We're doing fine, but just a lot busier than usual.

On Monday I picked Shel up from school and we took a cab to karate. I'm juggling bags and snacks and work that I'm going to be doing while he's in karate class. We arrive at our destination and the taxi fare is $7.55. I give the driver a $20 bill and said you can keep the change and give me back a toonie, and I also wanted a receipt. At the same time Shel is jumping out of the cab and we are almost hit by an SUV. So I'm looking at a million things all at once.

Once I get Shel safely to the sidewalk I look at what the taxi driver has given me. A toonie and a receipt. He kept $10. Did he think that I was going to give him a $10 tip on a $7.55 fare? Ok, I said keep the change, but I meant the "change". Come on. I phoned the taxi company (Vetran Taxi) and told them what happened, they tried to get in touch with the driver who didn't pick up. I called back later same story. They asked for my telehone numnber so they could get back to me, but I can kiss that 10er good bye.

It is only $10, not a big deal, but it is the principle. You can't tell me that this guy didn't take advantage of a mother who was obviously trying to juggle a million things at the same time and was distracted. It will be a cold day in hell before I use Vetran Taxi again.

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