10 November, 2007

Ah man.....

I hate getting up and finding out that I'm out of tea. On the weekends I need to start my day with a steaming cup of tea and maybe a piece of banana bread. But to open the tin and find that it's empty is a bit of a shocker. Now what am I going to do..... I've searched the cupboards, they're bare. That sounds vaguely familar. I can't drink tisane. Gross! I just want tea....oh ripping the cupboards open and looking frantically. Why don't I have an emergency stash. Oh yeah, I did that's what I finished. Damn.

Well, time for an early morning run to Starbucks. I just gave my son a piece of banana bread and he asked me if there were blueberries in it. Hmmm, maybe it's time I acted like a proper mommy and didn't give my child stale bread for breakfast. Yup, we're off to Starbucks or maybe The Oxford for breakfast.

I had a successful sale at my shop this week. I had free shipping and thankfully some people too advantage of it. I will have another sale in a week or two, a before Christmas sale, but not sure of the format. I've been asked to send a shop in Toronto some of my birthday invitation samples right away and some tees after Christmas. How cool is that?

Ok, I tried so hard to finish it, but it took me 2 months to read Mrs. Dalloway. I say this with a lot of embarrassment as I was a freakin' English Literature major at one time. Cherry Menlove over at Tales of Pixie Wood started this book reading club (sort of) and try as I might I had a difficult time getting through it. Not that I didn't like it, I actually enjoyed it, but it was one of these take 1 step forward and 2 steps back books. It just never seemed to end and it's so short.

I have bought some books lately that I really want to get into, but think that I will read some photography books for the next little while to improve my technique. We're starting portraits this week. Joel started the last class off by asking "what is a portrait?" Good question!

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