20 November, 2007

The cat ate my science project

You know the old homework excuse, "the dog ate my homework"? Well in this case it's true but instead the cat ate the science project.

Shel and I have been collecting plants for his science project, which is due tomorrow, since the weekend. I opened up his folder this morning to take a look at what is left to do and this is what is left of his science project. The damn cat had been poking around it for a couple of days, but I had no idea he was eating it. I had to run out this morning and cut some branches off my rosebush to substitute for what we lost. Do you think his teacher will believe this excuse?

We had our first taste of winter today (a view from our back deck). A dusting of snow is covering everything with the promise of more in the coming days. I'm not ready. I even received my first CHRISTMAS CARD in the mail yesterday. People are fast this year.

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