09 August, 2007

What's in your bathroom cabinet?

I suppose we are all voyeurs at heart. Admit it, haven't you at least once looked into someone's bathroom cabinet? I love looking in cabinets. It's where you keep you most personal and private self. I've decided to expose myself and show you what's in my bathroom cabinet. This is it totally unedited. I'm just glad you can't see how dusty it is. There's not much to say about it. We have a cabinet that goes across the wall above the sink that is divided into 3 sections. The husband has one section, I have one section, and there is a general section for family stuff. We keep all the boring stuff in the family section, mine just contains my favorite creams and potions. My favorite cream in the world is by Phytomer. I've used it for years and it is incredible. I was once really stupid and paid $140 for cream that smelled like chocolate. It smelled delicious, but I got tired of being followed home by stray dogs. I ended up giving it to my son who adored it.

There is my favorite perfume, La Chasse aux Papillions. C'est encroyable! I also have some samples from Jo Malone. I must be the only person in the world who doesn't like Jo Malone products. Pretty standard stuff. But never enough room.

So every week I am going to feature a different cabinet. All quite exciting!

For my last 2 posts I somehow managed to turn off the comments feature. My apologies to those who had trouble posting. I've worked it out and it should be back on track for all comments.

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