22 August, 2007

Vacation (sort of)

This was a really weird summer for us for a lot of reasons. One of which, I started a new job in May and the company was releasing software this summer, and of course there are the usual delays so no family vacation. Plus, we didn't want to put Shel in summer camp for 2 months, we wanted him to have a month at home, so between the husband and I, we have been able to keep him at home for the month of August. My husband took vacation first and now I am taking vacation. It's sad that we can't all take it together this summer, but we will plan it better next year. Instead we have been making up for it on the weekends with lots of biking trips out of the city. And we've all been really enjoying it. This week has been spent getting ready for school next week, playing with friends, and just hanging out together like we used to when I only worked 4 days per week. Since I started working 5 days per week I forgot about those special days. Today we took the metro downtown to do some shopping and on the way back my 6 year didn't want to let go of my hand. These are the special days. Every time he holds my hand my heart beats faster because I know that one day he won't want to hold my hand. And that will be a very sad day for me.

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