20 August, 2007

A day at the races

About a week ago the husband was watching Bobby Flay on the Food Network.
Him: How far is it to Saratoga Springs?
Me: No idea, why????
Him: We're going there to eat fried chicken at Hotties.
Me: Hotties?

Turns out he meant Hattie's (he's French and doesn't always get it). The husband doesn't have a spontaneous bone in his body so this surprised me somewhat. And made me highly curious about this fried chicken. So on Saturday we packed up and went to Hattie's for fried chicken. Since Hattie's doesn't open until 5:00pm we had the day to kill, so we decided to spend the day looking at horses. All over Saratoga Springs are statues of horses like these, they are beautiful and lots of fun. Saratoga Springs is home to a quite famous racetrack. We went to the Racing Museum and then to the racetrack. It was the husband's first time at a racetrack and he was quite blown away. We couldn't get over not only the crowds, but there were entire families there for the day, all camped out with their coolers. The kids were so well behaved and all dressed up. We even took in a carrousel ride. Finally, around 4:30 the line up started at Hatties (the husband). It grew! Even though there are other things on the menu, we all ordered the fried chicken. I loved the ambience of the restaurant, but I think that because of the Bobby Flay show it is becoming its own victim. The wait staff are, incredibly polite and quick and all deserved a big tip, but they are just a little too hip for a restaurant that serves old style southern food. And the verdict. The chicken was good, but not great. I had a fruit cobbler for dessert, mine is better. The husband had pecan pie. It was probably the best we've ever tasted and we've eaten a lot of pecan pie.

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