14 August, 2007

Been trying different things

I've slowly been trying to get some new stock ready. I've been finding that as my son gets older I do more and more t-shirts for older children, but now I want to get back to babies. I was never into "cute" clothes, I prefer more interesting, but there is no reason that they can't be both cute and interesting. I've also started doing stencils, which is actually a lot of fun. This onesie has the Chinese symbol for beautiful on it and will be in my etsy store as soon as I sew on the Hip Kid label on the back. This was a trial but because I didn't like how the first two butterflies turned out I used it as a practice to try other designs and colors on. And this one I wasn't sure I would like, but I do. This too will be going into my etsy store as soon as I sew on the label.

I've been in denial, but all this talk on etsy about getting stock ready for the holidays as finally hit home. I'm going to start putting mittens in my etsy store. These are some that are made from some type of acrylic yarn. But my next mitts will be made with this glorious red angora yarn. I think I have enough for a couple of pairs of baby mitts. Nooo, I'm so not ready for winter. Happy Birthday Mom! My mom turns 87 today. If that doesn't deserve a special mention, I don't know what does. Have a great day! PS Hi Belen, here's a picture of my son wearing his cowboy t-shirt. :)

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Angela said...

I love the chinese onesie which would go well with my chinese takeout bindle I sell. Your shirts are so cute! And I am really enjoiying your blog. We just had our 13th anniversary too. 1994 was the summer of love!