28 August, 2007

What we do for our children

Such as sleep in this little tiny child-size IKEA tent with my knees tucked under my chin. I had been promising my son that we would go camping this summer, we even borrowed our friends' tent while they were vacationing in Europe, but alas it didn't happen.

So I was finally called on it and we decided to set up the tent on our back deck (ok I am a small "c" camper) to see how it would go. A couple of things didn't work in our favour (beside the fact that I was in a child size tent and sleeping bag and the sleeping bag was so small it only went up as far as my waist).

One was our noisy neighbours. The parents are away and the kids who are home alone seem to like sitting out on their back deck all night (and I do mean until about 7 in the morning) talking. Despite this we still got to sleep.

Two - we failed to check the weather. The first time I woke to rain it must have been around midnight. It didn't see too bad, so I went back to sleep. The second time it was definitely coming down harder, and the air felt damp, but we were ok. Around 2, the floor was soaked, the sleeping bags were soaked, we were drenched. I tried to wake my son, but he was out. I think he would sleep through a hurricane. I ended up carrying him, the sleeping bags, the flashlight, sippy cup, and pillows into the house all at once through heavy rain.

So much for camping. There's always next year. Yeah right.

I can't believe that school starts on Thursday. Where did the summer go? In truth, I don't want him to go back to school. I want us to be on perma summer vacation forever. Responsibility be damned.


mommyandmeboutique said...

I love your blog because you are obviously a great mom. Children are so precious and they grow so quickly. I always hated to see the summers end because we had such fun "playing" in the summer months and school just seemed to interrupt that!

HipKid said...

You have no idea how your comment has made my day.
You are obviously a great mom too!