04 August, 2007

This is what August 4th looks like

Maybe it's not too exciting for you, but to me it looks like 22C instead of 40C. I can actually eat my breakfast and do a little blogging outside on my back deck. It seems as if our little heat wave has broken and we are back to tolerable temperatures. I think the high today is around 27-30C. (see earlier blog entry concerning my weather obsession).

The husband is now officially on vacation for 2 weeks. I expect some compensation for not being on vacation. Actually, even when he's not on vacation he regularly comes to pick me up from work or at least dinner is ready, child is fed and we are off to the pool or bike riding for the evening, which is pretty nice.

We are going to spend today biking in Oka. Last weekend we had planned to go to Oka, but due to unforseen circumstances (the husband only bought one bike rack instead of 2) we didn't go. This weekend we have 2 bike racks and are off to the country. I'm just looking forward to buying some chocolate covered blueberries made by the monks.

I do want to get back in time to go to the opening of my friend, Monica's, Doggy Cafe on Monkland. It will be a place where you can go to get a coffee and take your dog. She makes homemade dog food and treats, which you can buy there. I think that her business will do well. Plus I am making t-shirts for dog lovers that you will be able to buy either there or through order from me. More on that in another posting this weekend.

I just bought these fabulous little clips from Lani's etsy store. They are adorable. I love her store, and she is the sweetest lady. I am in love with etsy. My purpose of joining etsy was to create my own etsy shop, but my favorites list and shopping bag gets bigger every day. I am amazed by the quality of work that I see from etsy sellers. I don't know why everyone doesn't shop at etsy. I plan on doing some serious retail there this summer.

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