05 August, 2007

Cool stuff

Oh my god I'm craving a coffee. I usually don't drink much coffee, but this morning all I can see floating in front of my eyes is a grande chai soy latte from Starbucks. I know, the last company in the world who needs input from little ole' me is Starbucks. But I love their coffee, what can I say.

The husband is digusted with me since we have an amazing espresso machine that makes gorgeous coffee, but it's the whole social thing of going to Starbucks to see if anyone you know is there. And I want to show off my new necklace from frou. So there's all of that. Is this not gorgeous? The silk cord is from Brazil and the pendant was made at frou. I basically went through their store and had them put every pendant there with the cord to see what I liked. Originally I tried the red silk cord, but really black fits what I own better. I have my eye on a beautiful ring in their shop, but it is a fairly large investment.

I feel like shopping and when that happens look out. It just so happens that I have to shop for back to school stuff so if I happen to find other things while I'm out, who can blame me, right?

And speaking of beautiful things, I have to get a burnt orange scarf from Thaidreams on etsy. Her clothes and accessories are beautiful.

I was reading the angry chicken last night and she was talking about these Kleen Kantenes on her blog. I think that they are on my shopping list. Even though my son is 6, for night drinks I still put water in a sippy cup. One of these would be great.

I was telling you about the fabric painting I was trying out and wanted to put it through the ringer, literally before I decided to go with it. I am happy to report that it washes well. So I may be adding fabric painting to my repetoire. Have to do lots of silkscreening today after I take Shel to his swimming lesson. Hopefully, I will be updating my etsy store this evening.


My Little Cuddle-Bugs said...

Love your Blog! Would you like to trade links? I am at MyLittleCuddleBugs.Blogspot.com. Drop me a comment if you would like to. I am trying to grow my page and keep up with other etsy crafters.


Flo said...

Good luck with your blog! You've been tagged. Read my blog to find out why:

HipKid said...

Hi Shelly,

I left a message for you this morning, I would love to trade links. Love your blog.