22 February, 2010

liquid gold

There are many opinions as to what defines liquid gold.
  • oil
  • gas
  • water
  • wine
  • whiskey

But I think that I am now going to define liquid gold as this $41(CAD - tax included) bottle of organic Madagascar Bourbon pure vanilla extract.

I recently visited the kitchen store Wilfrid and Adrienne in Westmount and was talked into buying this outrageously expensive bottle of vanilla.

Granted it didn't take too much to talk me into it as I LOVE LOVE LOVE vanilla and have gradually been buying better and better quality.

And I could have bought the non-organic version for $10 less, but if you are going to go all out, just go for gold. Right?

Once I brought it home and opened it, then opened a $12 dollar bottle, and an $18 bottle to compare.

It definitely smelled smoother. But the real taste test is not necessarily how it tastes in the next batch of chocolate oatmeal cookies, but in steamed milk with a little vanilla stirred in.

I rushed off to school to pick up the wee man as he is my main test taster (and a fine one to boot). I knew that whether I liked the result or not he would be brutally honest as to how good it tastes.

Not to tarnish the results, I didn't tell him that it was a new (aka expensive) bottle of vanilla and waited with bated breath as he took the first sip.

He first said it smells great. Then tasted it. As I had only put about a teaspoon in the taste was very subtle, but he loved it.

If the wee man loves it, then that's good enough for me.

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