31 January, 2010


I love the post holiday lull.
lounging around in pajamas until late in the day.
sometimes all day
eating a late breakfast
that can sometimes be confused with lunch 
early dinners
or late dinners
eating by candlelight
warm baths
with nice scents
sometimes baking cookies
having wine by the firelight
making plans
but not keeping them
sometimes it can last for a long time, but this year it 
seemed to go by so quickly.
i want the holiday lull to come back
and to do it all over again
i always say that i hate winter
but the truth is
i love it
it is very disappointing that this has been 
a non-winter
very little snow
which means very little
snow days
wine by the fire on cold days
there is still time
before spring arrives
(the worst season in my opinion)
for another lull

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