27 June, 2008

I love etsy!!

Latest etsy purchase from gemmafactrix.

I was interviewed by a journalist with our local newspaper this week for an article she is writing on etsy. I realized halfway through our interview that I was absolutely gushing about etsy, but I can't help myself. In a lot of ways etsy has changed my life and I know that it has changed the lives of a lot of people. It has provided us with opportunities that we NEVER would have had otherwise.

As a silkscreener, or photographer, or a woodworker, or a knitter, or [name of craft you do goes here] there has never been a place where you could sell other than local craft shows. Etsy has opened up the world to amazing crafters and artists.

Not only do I sell on etsy, but I have bought a ton of stuff on etsy as well. I love the fact that I can talk to the person who has made the article I am buying. I can ask her (I say her because 96% of sellers on etsy are women) if she can change it a little bit, or if I have hearted an item that has sold I can ask her if she can please make another one for me. I find the sellers on etsy personable, friendly, professional, and above all know the meaning of the words "customer service."

I have hearted so many items on etsy that I may never buy them all, but it doesn't mean that I'm not going to try. Even the wee man is addicted to etsy. I have even heard him telling women in Starbucks that his mom sells on etsy. I hope that seeing me selling encourages him to become to sell on etsy one day.

If you haven't checked out etsy, don't waste any more time. I know you won't be disappointed.

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renovia said...

I love gemmafactrix! (did I spell that correctly? I'm having a brain dilemma)