28 June, 2008

Embracing my inner slummy mommy

Slummy mommy's choice of rainwear.

I've noticed (as someone who used to dress well would) that there is a definite dress code amongst the yummy mommy set. I'm sure that it exists everywhere and there are probably regional differences. What the yummy mommys (hereinafter referred to as ym's) wear in Vancouver is probably quite different from what the ym's wear in Toronto or Montreal.

And of course it is seasonal, there are the winter and summer trends that must be worn by ym's in the know.

I've noticed that here in Montreal the winter ym's wear the ubiquitious North Face down filled coat. It can be slightly different in that it can be the knee length version or the ankle skimmer. Colors must be either brown or black. I have noticed the occasional renegade sporting the white or green version, but they soon bow to the black/brown pressure.

Last fall it was capris pants worn with Tory Burch flat ballet shoes. And they had to be Tory Burch to be "in". I even noticed one ym with a little flip to her hair. Very retro and hip.

In our neighborhood of Westmount/NDG/Hampstead the bag of choice is of course Louis Vuitton. And if you choose not to carry the LV bag but instead carry a sporty little Longchamp bag you definitely have the LV wallet.

Now that summer has finally arrived (and it took its damn good time in getting here) the objet du jour is the Birkenstock thongy sandal (no idea what the name of this puppy is). I have to say that I do like the comfort of Birkenstocks, and really like this sandal, but because it is worn by almost every ym in my neighborhood I just couldn't buy it.

Ok, I'll come clean. I do have the North Face knee length black puffy winter coat. And I love it, but next year I will sell it on craigslist and buy the Canada Goose long coat before it too becomes trendy. I have the short puffy version of the Canada Goose coat and when I was writing puffy I wrote puggy instead - that really says it all. That being said, I can go out in -20C weather and not feel a bit of cold. To hell with trendy.

I did carry the LV Speedy bag but couldn't stand it anymore and sold it on craiglist. I did keep my LV wallet, but I bought it in Italy and well.... you know.

Even though I love the Birkenstock thongy sandals instead I bought a pair of Hogans which I LOVE!!! No one else in my neighborhood has them and so far they haven't made it to the ym uniform.

Since school is out and most of the ym's have already headed to Maine for the summer I have no idea what I'm supposed to be wearing, so I guess I'm ok wearing my knee length Lulu Lemon yoga pants and Hip Kid t-shirt (a little self promotion, I have to support my ym uniform somehow), my Hogans and my sporty little Longchamps bag (although these days it is usually replaced with a camera bag). Unless of course I run into a ym that I know and bow to peer pressure.


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

YM...that made me laugh! I wonder if cowgirl boots (complete with horse poo), jeans and t-shirt would become a trend in your neighborhood?

Sticks and Stones Hemp said...

I think those sandals are cuuuute!