09 January, 2008

don't hate me because my basement is turquoise

Really I have nothing against the color turquoise. I love this color, just not on my walls.

I'm sure there are others with turquoise walls that look spectacular. But when we bought our house the walls in one room of the basement were turquoise and in the other rooms - slime lime green.

What were the previous owners thinking? Are they color blind? I don't think so, the house they bought was impeccably decorated, but I guess they liked color in this house. Anyway, last year I finally painted the lime green walls a lovely neutral beige color (it is my office, and I couldn't work with lime green). And this year I think the turquoise walls have got to go.

I was thinking of painting them a nice neutral color. The downstairs bathroom/laundry room is off of this room (we use this room as the playroom) and maybe I could paint the laundry room a nice striking color like red for contrast.

Any advice would be appreciated. Do you think that the 10 cent designer would do a pro bono job?


Contrariwise said...

What struck me funny is that we painted my daughter's bedroom from a nice neutral beige to LIME GREEN.

But it's a teenager's room and it really works with her things. (Although I'm sure we'll repaint it beige whenever we sell our house.)

HipKid said...

You know I do think that lime green and turquoise can work really well on their own (see latest blog update). But I don't think that my rooms were painted particularly well and they need something to break up the color.

After looking at Bungalow 8's turquoise rooms I almost want to leave them. :)