03 January, 2008


That's about the temp today.

No kidding.

So far the coldest day we've had. But did that keep my 2 little snow bunnies inside? Are you kidding? I had to tell them to come in after 2 hours. They had frozen fingers and toes, and bright red cheeks, but nothing that a bowl of chicken noodle soup, sandwiches, veggies, and a hot chocolate in front of the fireplace with hot water bottles couldn't cure.

I decided that it's time to get rid of the Christmas decorations. I took down everything except the glass snowflakes in the window. They will stay up until Feb., but they are more an ode to winter. And the tree is still up. I did remove my snowman bulbs, but the rest can wait until the weekend.

Normally, the husband is the one anxious to get things "back to normal", but this year he seems perfectly content letting things be, so I decided to it was time to get back to our regular viewing schedule. Speaking of which, did anyone watch the new Law and Order last night? Absolutely fabulous.

Working on some valentines for my etsy shop. Will post soon.

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