05 October, 2007

Happy Turkey Weekend

You know that fall is here when Thanksgiving hits. And it means a long weekend. Yee haw! I need a 3 days weekend. So much I need to accomplish. Personally and creatively. Although I find that I put so much pressure on myself to accomplish things on long weekends:
  • paint Shel's room
  • finish painting the desk that I got at the garage sale
  • make 10 screens and make more designs
  • knit mitts for my Etsy store
  • phone Mona
  • email Zoe
  • spend time with the husband
  • show Shel how to put leaves in wax paper and iron them to make "stained glass."
Not to mention all the other stuff that gets ignored during the week like cleaning and ironing. Although, I have expanded my repetoire and added cards and invitations to my Etsy store. I really love this one. Stay tuned for more designs to come really soon. Maybe even some Christmas stuff. I LOVE card making. Almost as much as t-shirts. Let me know what you think. My next one will be the skull and crossbones birthday invitations and thank you notes.

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