07 October, 2007

Being a mom means never going to the bathroom alone again

We spent our Thanksgiving day biking along the Solanges Canal (this is a picture from along the canal). It was an incredible day. Sunny, crisp, the smell of a wood fire in the air, leaves turning brillant colors of red and yellow. It was a great day. Even though the trail was really straight, no hills, my legs were a little stiff when we got home so I decided to go for a relaxing bath before dinner. Steam was rising from the water, Dr. Hauschka lemon oil was filling the air, latest Vogue in hand. I wasn't in the bath more than 2 minutes when Shel came in to go.

Shel: Mom, can I get in with you?

Me: No.

Shel: I have a very important question.

Me: Can't it wait?

Shel: No, it's really important.

Me: Ok, what it is?

Shel: Mom, if we are upside down and blood rushes to our head, how come when bats are upside down blood doesn't rush to their head?

Ok, now I'm a relatively intelligent person. I have 3 university degrees, one of which is graduate level. I'm stumped. But by that time, the water was no longer steaming, the air didn't smell like lemon any more, and Vogue held less interest than bats (not too difficult). We haven't looked up the answer yet on Wikipedia. My child, in addition to being absolutely delicious, is brillant.

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