10 September, 2007


As you know I have an Etsy store. But Etsy is more than just a place to sell or shop, it is a real community. And every now and then you meet a complete stranger who goes out of their way to help you out in some way. It puts my faith back into humanity and makes me glad that I found Etsy.
Recently, when I was trying to populate my store on Kaboodle, an etsy seller known as, Tsurfer, really came to my rescue.
This is a recent conversation I had with her. And go ahead, check out a store of a great Etsy seller.
  1. Where did the name TSurfer originate?
    Back in the late 90's when computers just started being in the homes and auction sites started up my boy friend (now husband) at the time came up with it. T cause a lot of people call me that because my first name starts with it and I would surf the net a lot. So presto came Tsurfer.
  2. What is your real name?
    Teresa Swift.
  3. How long have you been a crafter?
    I started sewing when I was a teen and then about in the late 80's crafting in my area started to be a thing to do and sell. So I started to make everything from wood to dry flower arrangements.
  4. How long have you been a member of Etsy?
    May 2006.
  5. I've noticed that you're quite a successful seller (with quite a variety of crafts), but your store is currently empty, are you taking a hiatus or are you creating more stock?
    I had a sale not to long ago and want to try some new stuff. Plus was waiting for my etsy bill. Its hard on the budget when that gets up to high. I have listed some new items just today.
  6. What is it you like about Etsy?
    All the great people I have come across on the threads. I now can say I have a lot of friends all over the world. Now it doesn't get any better then that :)
  7. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your crafts.
    I'm a very shy person really and I think thats why I do all different types of craft. I love crafting. Its like art there is no true way of doing it cause it is part of you. So your never wrong in how it comes out.
  8. I actually found you through the Etsy forums, do you participate a lot in the forums?
    Oh yes their every day and just started to get BnR treasuries to help everyone get sales.
  9. You were incredibly helpful to me when I contacted you, and you didn't even know me. Do you find that the majority of Etsyians embody this spirit?
    Yes I believe they do. I love to help anyone that needs it anyway and I know a lot of the people on etsy are the same way. I have seen it plus have ask for help to.
  10. Any last words?
    I'm so happy you found me and asked about kaboodle. Now I have another great etsy person to talk with. Also thank you so much for putting me in your blog. I have never been in anyones blog before and it is very exciting that you offered to do it. I wish you and everyone in etsy a lot of sales and a lot of fun.

Tsurfer's stores can be found here: www.tsurfer.ecrater.com

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