09 September, 2007

It's cold out tonight

A few days ago it was 34C. The last couple of nights there's been a cold chill in the air. It definitely feels like fall. We went biking along the Canal Lachine today. The leaves were falling. There was a certain je ne sais quoi in the air. We stopped for hot dogs and ice cream. One of the last vestiges of summer. We didn't quite finish our usual route, the threat of rain turned us back. I think this is becoming our Sunday ritual. I love it. We love it. My god, does it get more beautiful than this.

Remember the house that I am obsessed with? They put a weathervane on their balcony today. I don't know if it is on its way to the roof or not, it looks great where it is. If you look closely you can see it between the house and the new extension. I must have this house. It is my dream house. Tomorrow is Labor Day. At least it is for me. Last weekend was the official Canadian Labor Day, but I had to work due to a software deadline and we are all taking tomorrow off instead. I am looking forward to doing the following (ok I'm simple folk, it doesn't take much to excite me):
  1. Leisurely taking my son to school and not worrying about how much time I spend in front of the school chatting with the other moms.
  2. Going pajama and sock shopping for my son. He's grown out of all his pjs.
  3. Silkscreening
  4. Updating my blog.
  5. Baking an apple pie and more blueberry muffins (using local Quebec blueberries) from my mom's incredible recipe. Anyone I grew up with will know this recipe well.
  6. Doing sfa (if you need a translation please email me).

I have to be careful that I actually take him to school in the morning and don't phone in for a wellness day. When I'm home and he's in school I'm incredibly lonely. Hope y'all have an incredible week. I will be posting an interview with an Etsy seller who absolutely embodies the spirit of Etsy this week here on my blog. My first interview - yeah!

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