24 September, 2007

Photography 101

I apologize in advance for the photographs that I will be forcing on you in the next 10 weeks. My Photography class started last week. The first assignment was supposed to be "easy". You know just go out and take photographs of what you like. But no flash, manual only. Ok, that's the deal. It is a photography class. In the last week I've taken some of the worst photographys I've ever seen. Hopefully in the next 10 weeks they will improve.
I am kind of happy with these though, I can see Shel and Ella's personalities. It was a busy weekend. We had our fireplace wood delivered. Between Martin, Shelby and I it was stacked in no time. I would say that the next picture of my fireplace will be one with a roaring fire, but I really hope not. I am just so not ready for winter. I hate it. It's ok up until December and then I am ready for July. I made some t-shirts in anticipation of the Etsy Showcase tomorrow. I made this one. I also made one in pink with a yellow crystal that I loved. But I gave it to Ella. Hopefully, I can have another one finished by tomororw.

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