11 July, 2007

Work in progress

I was hoping to get lots and lots of silkscreening done today, but it just didn't happen. I will blame it on the humidity. There are two temperatures in Montreal: freeze your ass off and humid. I love the heat, but my hair just doesn't cooperate when it is humid. Enough whining about the weather.

Right after I gave birth to Shelby, 6 years ago, I went through this weird weather obsession. Shel was born in May and early in June we had this 3 week long, massive heatwave. It was terrible. Once it was over it was followed by another, and then another. We went to the movies one night and we were sure that the weather was going to break. I should also add that we were living in our condo then. It had floor to ceiling windows on all sides and we got the afternoon sun, so it was really hot! And of course when it was being built we were not smart enough to have central put in when we didn't have to pull down walls.

By the time we went to bed that night, the humidity still had not broken. I was still feeding Shel hourly so I got up hourly and checked the Weather Channel. At 1:00 it reported that the humidity would break in about an hour. At 2, same thing, it would break at 3. At 3 it would break at 4. At 4 it would break at 5. When I got up at 5, they reported that the cold front had just missed us and we would not get a break in the weather. I lost it. I went into the bedroom and told my husband to get up and go get an air-conditioner. Well we didn't get one at 5, but we had one by 11. The next summer we ripped out walls and put in central air. And then that spring we sold the condo and moved to an old house that has no air-conditioning. That's ok, but the outcome of this is that my husband has banned me from watching the Weather Channel for life.

All this to say I didn't do any silkscreening today. However, I think that I am going to knit a bag with some lovely Jo Sharp yarn, and line it with this beautiful material I found on the weekend.

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