10 July, 2007

Can't think of a title so July 10

I've been trying to populate my etsy store, but between going to the office, taking care of Shelby, trying to spend some time with Martin, and just the fact that the weather is finally warm it has been difficult. I am working at night, but sometimes it's a toss between actually doing some work and sharing a glass of vino with Martin. I am not a fan of rose, but I quite like the Monkey Bay rose. Very light. I've been finding that I'm not dealing with red wine well these days. I know, impossible to live in Montreal and not be able to drink red wine. C'est la vie!

Last weekend Shelby and I went downtown and bought out Lush. This is the first time I've been in Lush in Canada. The only other Lush stores I've been in have been in Italy. Same old, same old. I do love the smell of the place though. So we were downtown doing some shopping (I bought a new DKNY top and Shel bought a Transformer) and we walked by and couldn't resist the smell. We bought some lovely bath stuff. Last night Shel asked me to put him in the bubble cave when he was in the bath. This morning on the way to work/day camp, Shel and I found a bird nest on the sidewalk in front of our house. It had fallen out of the tree in our front yard. Fortunately it was empty.


Joey & Aleethea said...

Great photos - such fun bubbles!

I like your blog title - sometimes I get so stumped for a title! It makes me want to not write anything...so on my blog I'm trying to remember to go ahead and post my message first, and then just add a title afterwards. :)

HipKid said...

Yeah titles are difficult. Although I have to have a title or my writing just goes off on a tangent. Actually it does anyway. :)