06 August, 2010

I'm back

In more ways than one.
I really needed to take a break and refocus.
It was helpful. I made some decisions about my 
online shop. Or I thought I did.
And some about my new shop. But enough about all
of that for now.
This is a catch up of what we've been up to this summer
for those of you I haven't been emailing or calling.
We just returned from a holiday to the coast (NE not NS)
and have returned well fed and well rested.
It was fantastic. Martin and I used to go to Boston's 
north shore every summer and then stopped when 
we had Shel. I can't believe that we haven't been back
in over 10 years.
Due to our tardiness in booking our trip
we couldn't find anything close to
Plum Island where we usually stay, but
we stayed closer to Salem and that turned out to 
be great. We found a new beach that has become
a family favorite (Crane Beach near Ipswich), 
we did the touristy
witch stuff in Salem, went looking for whales
(and saw over 20), ate loads of fantastic seafood.
We stopped in Burlington, VT on the way
back for lunch and I bought an ice cream maker.
I've made 2 batches of lemon ice cream and
I think there is no going back to 
commercial ice cream.
I had also forgotten how much I really
like Burlington. It is a very funky little
Now we're back and I have a summer cold.
I'm taking a few days to recover and then
I will have more news about my new shop.

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