14 October, 2009

A late Thanksgiving post

I had meant to post on Thanksgiving Day, but I've had a terrible cold that put me down for a while. I'm just starting to feel like myself again.

So due to the terrible cold most of my long weekend was spent moaning and groaning and feeling sorry for myself. That is when I wasn't wiping my nose, or taking Tylenol, or pontificating on the evils of prolonged usage of Advil on the liver.

Then on Monday morning (Thanksgiving) I'd had enough of myself and said, we're going hiking. So off we went to the wilds of Oka and hiked the Calvaire trail. It was lovely. It is a connection of trails about 5 km long with little chapels or prayer stations dotted along the way. All connected at the top by a group of 3 small chapels. And what a view from the top. Magnificant. I had expected to see more red and yellow foliage, but there was still a lot of green.

Feeling a little hungry after our hike we stopped by the Oka Monastery to buy some cheese and maple chocolate. Originally made by the monks, they still oversee the production.

I was even feeling well enough to cook the fowl and make fresh cranberry sauce and giblet gravy. So all in all not a bad day.

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