02 August, 2009

August 2 - back to school (shopping)

This is what August 2 looks like. Can you believe it?

I thought that I would be ahead of the game by picking up some school supplies this morning at Jean Coutu. So this afternoon I'm bragging about it to another school mom who tells me she has finished her back to school shopping.

what the.....?

You've got to be kidding me.

So I rush off this afternoon to pick up a few more things and the place is packed with mothers, arms laden with school supplies. They poor clerk at Jean Coutu can barely get the stuff out of the box before it is snapped up.

It was too crowded for me so I grabbed a few things and plan to go back this evening to try to finish most of what is on Shel's list.

Now if I could only understand what most of it is.... what's a Blue Lepage Fun Tak?

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