02 December, 2008

What I've learned about selling from a 7 year old

Well, we got through out first show and a good experience was had by all.

Our day started out early with an 8:30 setup, and we were ready for them to open the doors at 10:00.

It wasn't a big show, but we had a great experience for our first attempt. The venue was beautiful, but the location wasn't so great.

What I will take away from this is the image of my 7 year old working the room, chatting up the other vendors, encouraging people to drop by our table. What a salesman. The kid is a natural and a good thing for me. I think the majority of my sales came from the wee man. But who can resist that face? Not to mention all that charm in a little package.

We met some fantastic sellers that we were more than impressed with. We bought the most incredible smelling bath products from Dot and Lil, some Christmas ornaments and stuffies from etsy seller titaniumhip and many much more.

Will we do it again?

Definitely! Just not this year.

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