04 September, 2008

The end of summer

About this time last year, I wrote about how sad I was that the wee man was returning to school. I always feel a sense of loss when we don't spend our days together. He returns to school and I return to work. And every year he gets older and before I know it, I won't be the playmate of choice.

But this year it seems that the end of summer just kind of snuck up on me and I don't know where it went. There wasn't this big closure. It just seemed like one day we were hanging out at home and the next day we were back in school and work. The last week was also a week of things happening so maybe it already seemed like we were back into the fall schedule.

The wee man had his first sleep away. Maybe this is old hat for some kids, but this was a big thing for me the wee man. I don't know how I he got along without me through the night. I'm sure I he was up most of the night waiting for morning to come so he could come home. But it turns out that lots of fun was had by all and he didn't miss me a wink.

This sleep away came at the end of a week and a half of fighting a nasty virus, apparently caught in a public swimming pool (so they think). So the sleep away was a good way to end this little illness.

Then Max ran away. I'm a little embarrassed to say that it is probably our fault and it's a bit of a story, but here goes.

Last Sunday night we invited Cath, Tom and Ella over for a bbq. We were having a great time, eating lots of food, telling lots of stories, drinking lots of wine and before we knew it, it was quite late. The cats had been in and out of the house on to our elevated deck all evening and we didn't think anything of it. Around 10 we walked Cath and the kids home, came home, put the wee man in bed, watched a bit of tv and we went to bed around 11.

The next morning we get up and I asked the husband if he had seen the cats. We found 1, which meant that 2 were missing. There was no way we locked out 2 of our cats, they are indoor cats and we wouldn't be so incredibly careless. We found one cat under the deck and Max was no where to be found. All day he was missing. That afternoon I put up signs all over our neighbourhood. We looked, we called, we sent out email notifications, nothing.

Before going to bed the husband went out and put up more signs and took another look. He went to bed around 11 but I decided to stay up and watch the news. I looked out our living room window and there was our friend, Marci, waving and pointing like crazy. I ran out and there was Max sitting on the steps of our neighbors house across the street. I ran for him and he bolted. To make a really long story short(er), I caught him in someone's backyard where he couldn't escape and now he is under house arrest.

The bigger news is this:

The wee man got his orange belt. I am really proud of how hard he worked for it.

Congrats to the husband for getting his green belt (not shown in photo).

Have a great remainder of the week.


On a Whimsey said...

You must be one proud Mamma!!

Loved your photos.

HipKid said...

I am!