07 August, 2008

Shel and Ella's Excellent Adventure

It was turning into one of those sit in front of the [tv/computer] days, which I hate so after much arm twisting I convinced Shel and Ella that a trip to Maison Saint-Gabriel would be loads more fun and we could take loads of pictures.

We started off the day with Mona's pancake recipe. My friend, Mona, makes the best pancakes and shared her recipe with me a few years ago (can you believe that it was a few years M?). However, I have to confess I've never made them. The husband always makes the pancakes in our house, so I handed over the spatula to him. But yesterday I decided that I have never made pancakes in my life and it was time. According to S & E they were amazing. They had second helpings and asked for more today.

We then set off for Maison Saint-Gabriel, a 300 year old house in Point St. Charles. I wasn't sure it would be their cup of tea, but they seemed to be spellbound and asked fantastic questions. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures inside the house, but we got a few good ones outside.

On the way back to the metro we found Paul Patates Frites which has great frites and homemade beer.

Today I think that we are headed out to do some bike riding and then to the Redpath museum where I think we can take photos inside. Although I think I am going to need to delete some of the photos they took on the metro. Ella thinks in one of them I look like Mr. Bean. Nice.


Anonymous said...

Love the clock addition to your blog! So glad you still enjoy your morning morsels with me :-)
Hope you are able to dodge the raindrops and the rioters!
How are you making out on the LIST?
Thinking of you. M xx

HipKid said...

I'm slowly getting through the list. This week we will make more headway with M being on vacation. This week we are planning on Granby Zoo and Ausable Chasm. Although I have to make eye and dentist appointments, which can only mean one thing. School soon. Ugh!!