08 June, 2008


Every summer we have a family of cardinals living in our backyard. This summer is no different. A couple have built a nest in our cedars, although I think that they are only part time residents. They come and go and sometimes we don't see them for days. Although they are never very far because we can hear them. Sometimes I see him in a tree the next street over, and I know it's him.

He's a beauty. I've started referring to him as my beautiful boy much to the chagrin of my 3 cats who can envision him in a sandwich. But I do my best to look out for him and his partner.

I often go out on my back deck and there they are with their distinctive chirp. But as soon as I grab my camera, they're gone. One afternoon not long ago, it was all lined up. The light was right, my beautiful boy was in the tree, I had my camera. But damn SLRs. As soon as I had it set up he was gone.

This morning I can hear him out in this big tree, but can I see him. Not a chance. We are trying to devise a way to make our backyard more cardinal friendly in hopes that he will stick around and I can get that elusive picture.

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