14 May, 2008

Happy 7th birthday my sweet boy

I took this picture last night as my beautiful 6 year old son slept. His last night as a 6 year old, only hours away from turning 7.

How did this aging thing happen? When did I tell you that you could turn 7?

When did you turn into this beautiful, funny, intelligent, little man that can tell me actual jokes that I can laugh at and dance with me to funny songs on the radio?

Thank you for still letting me run my fingers through your hair and hold and kiss you in public. I love it when we sit on the metro and you automatically grab for my hand to be closer to you.

I'm so proud of you and the person you are becoming.

I love you more.


Pinkdixie said...

Just break my heart in 2 why don't you?

Bianca said...

what a lovely post! my little girl is turning 8 in two months and Im sad and happy at the same time!

HipKid said...

It's surprising how their getting older hits you. Seven is going to be a big year.