10 May, 2008

Happy, happy birthday Shel and Ella

Today Ella turns 7. Shelby turns 7 on Wednesday. So close. Almost twins.

We're off to their favorite jungle gym this afternoon and then celebrating with cake and friends.

So much to do before then. Pick up the cake and balloons, run to the post office to pick up birthday packages, go to the market for food, cleaning, buy wine (for the big children, of course). I love birthdays (well not my birthday).

Hopefully all will go well and not too many birthday tantrums. There was a little almost tantrum last night. The husband and I took the wee man on a surprise birthday present mission. We thought we would surprise him by going to Sports Experts and picking out some Heelys.


He was having nothing to do with it. He didn't want a pair of shoes for his birthday present. Didn't matter that they have cool wheels. They are still shoes and not a proper birthday present. Needless to say we left the shop without the Heelys. I also think that they made him a little nervous. He likes his scooter where he can hold on. He is a safety conscious child. So we ran upstairs to the toy shop and bought $100 worth of bionicles.

Today we are going to upgrade his scooter with a shiny new blue one. I get more excited about presents than the wee man.


Jus Shar Designs said...

Personally, I'm glad he wants the scooter instead. I really can't stand those Heeleys. Too many kids riding around on them, and not paying attention to where they are going.

The bad person in me has wanted to clothesline a few of them.... LOL

HipKid said...

To be honest, right after I made the decision to buy the heelys I regretted it. I too am glad that we went with the scooter. They actually really frightened him when he had them on. At least he is a safety kind of guy! :)